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TEHRAN, Sept 22 (RIPI) -- Ali Ehsan Nazarbeigi, the Chief of the Refining Research Center of the Downstream Faculty at the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) says: "The research center has five research groups working in line with its main mission. One of the groups is the Optimization and Transformation Group which concentrates on transformation technologies."
He says, "The second one is the Purification and Refining Group that is responsible for activities related to the purifying refinery products such as petrol and gasoline from dangerous elements like Sulfur and Mercaptan, which harm the environment, using some technologies; and the Engineering group is responsible for PDP, following the development or production of technologies."
Another group Ali Ehsan Nazarbeigi pointed to was the Grease and Lubricants group. "It is one of the oldest groups in this research center which focuses on grease, lubricants and lubrication used in the Petroleum Industries. The other group of the research center is the Evaluation of Crude Oil and Products Group that evaluated crude oil and its products such as tar," He explained further.  
Nazarbeigi then pointed to the two missions of the research center. "This research center has two main missions, one is doing research projects, second is offering services to industries and organizations like the Customs, private companies, Standards Bureau, and any other private or state organizations, with its main priority being the petroleum industries.  The research center undertakes the Evaluation and controlling the quality of oils and greases used in petroleum industries or other industries, the exported tar, pipe coatings, crude oil, and octane boosters."
He explained the center's major activities and measures. "The most important activity of the research center is the demercaptanization of distillate (DMD) and the demercaptanization of condensate (DMC); in other words, it is the demercaptanization or purification of light crude oil products or condensate, with its technology being developed, offered, and later Commercialized by the Research Institute itself."
Nazarbeigi later referred to the most important projects carried out by the research center.
"The coke project which is carried out in cooperation with the IMIDRO Organization is one of the most important projects. We have never had a coking unit in our country, and for the first time a pilot project has been carried out in the institute based on exact engineering designs. Another project is the desalination project which based on the researches and the pilot project we intend to completely localize a desalination unit. One of the other important projects is offering the technology for several refinery units for a refinery outside the country. In this project we plan to give nine technologies (including the license and basic engineering services) to that refinery, five of the technologies being developed by the Refining Research Center itself."
He further pointed to other projects carried out by the research center. "We are carrying out several projects on oil and grease and evaluation of crude oil. These evaluations form the basis for building a refinery. The DMD and the DMC were among our historical achievements with the required technology and science being created first in the Research Institute and later offered to the industries, and as a result several industrial units were founded and have been functioning successfully ever since."
According to Nazarbeigi, "the main focus of the activities of the research center is on new refining technologies, and new promotion, transformation, purification, and sweetening technologies based on the latest environmental standards which are getting stricter day by day. Man is looking for a cleaner environment so the produced petrol, gasoline, etc. need to be purer. Therefore we have to have access to technologies that reduce the harmful materials and elements and use methods that are economically and technologically affordable."


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