Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

A number of the youth committee members of Iranian petroleum industry paid a visit to the biggest research institute of petroleum in the Middle East on January 3rd for the purpose of being conversant with capacities and potentials of RIPI as well as the upcoming cooperation between the two sides, and subsequently attended a meeting with the deputy of planning, managers, and experts of RIPI.

Pointing to the departments of RIPI, structure, objectives, dimensions of the performance evaluation, prominent plans and projects, achievements as well as strategic plans of the institute, Mohammad Hamid Eijazi, Deputy of Planning at RIPI, laid stress on the role the youth and elites play in petroleum industry.

Elaborating on the programs and activities of the committee, Ali Rahneshin, representative of the Youth Committee of Iranian petroleum industry in the World Petroleum Council (WPC), pointed to RIPI’s development of technological solutions in petroleum industry as well as placed emphasis on the necessity of cooperation with RIPI.

Members of the Youth Committee of Iranian petroleum industry paid a visit to the center for scientific information and knowledge management at RIPI, Nano-pilots, petroleum coke, and desalting units subsequent to the two-hour meeting.  


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