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Responsibilities of Deputy of planning in the area of research and technology at PIRI are as follows: leading and supervising the processes of design, development and modeling of strategic programs, determining strategic priority of the plans and projects on development and transfer of technology, providing a roadmap to selected technologies, examining and monitoring the market and identifying the current and future known and unknown challenges of oil industry. Thus, this deputy has supervision on processes of financial resources portfolio, human resources, and also design, development and optimization of programming systems and procedures. Among other responsibilities of this deputy we can refer to provision and development of human resources in line with strategic research and technological objectives which are pursued in the organization.

In order to realize the mission and vision of PIRI Deputy of Planning tries to contribute to creation of dynamic capabilities and pivotal efficiency using experienced experts and inter-disciplinary specialties in technical and management area.  By doing so, it will contribute to competitiveness of the organization and also will create value for its beneficiaries.







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