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ISOMIR: "The Technology of C5/C6 Isomerization



C/C6 Isomerization is one of the key processes for producing of gasoline according to modern internationalstandards such as EU 5. Through the addition of the isomerate (product of C/C6 isomerization unit) to the gasoline pool, the octane number of gasoline is not decreased even with TEL phase out. The octane number of isomerate is around 90, even in the absence of aromatic components, therefore it is the best substitute of light naphtha (C5/C6 cut). So, substitution of isomerate leads to the reduction of aromatic content of gasoline.


Targets & achievements

After pilot research in RIPI in 2003 with the support of the National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction Company (NIOEC), the C/C6 isomerization technology was registered in Iran for RIPI & NIOEC with the name of "ISOMIR". Next, the basic design of an isomerization unit in Imam Khomeini refinery expansion & product up grading project was delegated to RIPI, which was. performed in 7 month in 2005-2006 and the results were approved by JGC Corporation Japan (as main consultant of the Client). After the construction, the1,350,000 liter /day unit was started-up in 2011 under the supervision of RIPI’s experts.



As mentioned, the C5/C6 Isomerization unit is one of the key units in producing of gasoline according to international standards.

The safe and rapid start-up of the isomerization unit in Imam Khomeini refinery indicates the comercialization potentials of the "ISOMIR" technology.



Air pollution is among the crucial problems of big cities. One of the main sources of air pollution is the quality of fossil fuels such as gasoline. Producing of high quality gasoline helps countries reduce air pollution.

Adding the isomerization unit product (isomerate) to the gasoline pool, instead of light naphtha, the it will be possible to produce gasoline with high standards such as those of new European standards.

" ISOMIR " technology is developed by RIPI to help the clients who are interested in producing of green fuels.


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