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Kimya National Plan (National Self- Sufficiency Plan for Strategic and Highly Used Additives in the Drilling, Well Completion and Well Stimulation Industry)



National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)



High Dependency of the  Oil Industry on the importation of Additives

Low Efficiency, High Usage of the Imported Low Quality Additives and Their Imposed Formation Damage

Weak Compatibility Due to the Different Resources

Difficulties in Supplying the Additives Caused by the International Sanction

High Usage of Foreign Currencies Usage for Providing the Additives



Developing the technologies for the preparation and Manufacturing Highly Used Drilling, Completion and Well Stimulation Additives to Increase the country’s self sufficiency as well as to Plan for Exportation


Accepted Proposal

1-Self-sufficiency Plan for Strategic and Highly Used Additives in Oil and Gas Wells Cementing (Retarders, Fluid Loss Control, Dispersant and Gas Migration Additives)

2-Design and formulation of optimized light and ultra light weight drilling fluids for use in one of the wells of Exploration Directorate Co

3- Design, formulation and Selection of optimization green drilling fluids for the drilling shale layers in one of wells Exploration Directorate Co

4-Developing the technology for the production of Xanthan Gum and its Production Using Sugarcane Factories Molasses in Khuzestan Province for Drilling Fluids

5-Study and design of optimum formulations to control circulation loss in one of the Directorate Exploration wells performing field test

6-The study of replacement of diesel with environmentally compatible fluids in the composition of oil based drilling mud and performing field tests









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