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 [bt_taglinebox style="top" width="90%" font_size="14" text_color="#5b5b5b" title="Objectives " title_color="#3b7272" align_center="yes" bgr_color="#f6f6f6"]

  • Following up and orienting PIRI’s strategies and activities for the purpose of realizing the objective of  “ lead-to-technology research”

  • Promotion of national technologies, attraction of investment, creation of capacities, and development of required  human resources  for converting the science to technology

  • Design of technological strategies and technological indigenization processes to confront with the sanctions

  • Contiguous interaction with operational body of the industry and fulfilling technological needs of the industry

  • Establishment, development, and cooperation with satellite science-based companies and science and technology parks for the purpose of extensive research and industrialization of research achievements

  • Development of  domestic and international relations and cooperation

  • Increase in productivity regarding the available capacities and advantages of the organization

  • Access to long-term goals by optimum utilization of the resources



 [bt_taglinebox style="top" width="90%" font_size="14" text_color="#5b5b5b" title="Activities " title_color="#15a52f" align_center="yes" bgr_color="#f6f6f6"]

  • Discovery and evaluation of hydrocarbon resources and development of enhanced oil recovery methods

  • Employing an approach of short-term production with emphasis on well-centered method

  • Access to unconventional hydrocarbon resources

  • acquiring the required silences and indigenizing manufacture of national oil, gas and gas condensates refineries

  • Identification, evaluation, and synthesis of catalysts

  • solving the oil and gas problems using nanotechnology

  • Development of research relevant to quality improvement and promotion of oil products

  • Development of technologies for gas refining, transmission, and conversion of it to other valuable products

  • Synthesis and formulation of chemicals required by the petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries

  • Simulation of oil and petrochemical industry processes using relevant engineering software

  • Identification and application of special polymers in industry

  • Development of technical knowledge and indigenization of the processes, conceptual, fundamental and detailed design, and solving the related problems

  • Manufacturing engineering pilots, modeling and simulating the processes

  • Development and transfer of the technology of manufacturing oil industry’s equipment

  • Offer of laboratory-scientific services




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