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Research Institute of petroleum industry with a history of more than half a century of research and development and having the most research projects in the industry, to the degree of development is reached in the development of the technology needed by the nation's leading oil, known as. The activities of the Institute in three sets, "upstream petroleum industry research and development campus», «campus research and development of downstream oil» and «campus research and development of energy and environment».

Skilled and efficient as well as equipment and technology and the country's macro-policy in achieving the knowledge economy the main economic foundation of resistance as the column, producing more value added activities front.

Strategy Research Institute of petroleum industry, creating added value through the production and commercialization of technology with research approaches for the development of new technologies and building .

The existence of massive capital, manpower, equipment and abilities of this collection of exclusive technical and like the indigenous design and development of the technology for refinery, consulting to optimize and fix amidst the oil industry, its license and design units under licence of refinery oil, gas and gas condensate, comprehensive studies, field development program and its tanks, providing new technologies in air, water pollution, soil removal and protection of oil installations, has led to research on the activity of The successful development of high-technology with dramadzaie and in the year 1390, the top ranking for the fourth consecutive year, in the field of engineering and technical.

Research Institute of petroleum industry to convert science to technology, is the centerpiece of the oil field in request-base activity and to convert their findings to the technology and commercialization, the satellite company formation and knowledge of the foundations is placed on the agenda. Formation of satellite companies and foundations, long step toward the commercialization of technology, and in this way, some goats, Institute of technology or that completing it, getting to the industrial and commercial move.

Research Institute of petroleum industry relying on modern management, believes that with the support and cooperation of universities, scientific and research centers and companies succeed in knowledge and experienced foreign companies for oil and gas industry, the blandteri can be in step with the country's direction in the direction of mtaali programmers goals operation and optimum use of resources and the development of new technology





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