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Production of Crude oil with a wide range of crude oil characterization has been always a great challenge in international crude oil market. Two different kinds of crude containing Iranian light and Iranian heavy crude are exported as the major crude oil in OPEC. In addition, Soroosh extra heavy crude oil, Foroozan and condensate are sometimes sold as a parts of Iranian crude oil basket.  The crude oil basket should be widening to increase the Iran negotiation power in international aspects. Design and construction of crude oil inline blending system could facilitate the way to overcome these challenges


Mega Project:

Exporting Crude oil has a major role in Iran economy and politics and over time the importance of the subject become more crucial. The ability of production of different crude oils based on customers need has important role in nowadays market. To reach this goal, RIPI begun a project for design and construction of an inline crude oil blending system for Iranian Oil Terminal Company (IOTC) in 2015.



In 2010, the software of online blending system was patented by RIPI.



The system with the capacity of 1.5 million barrels per day has been designed for Kharg crude oil exporting terminal.


Economic assessment:

It is estimated that production of crude oil by this system has approximately 2 $/ barrel benefit.


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