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Applied plans/ industry problem solving:

A part of volatile hydrocarbon compounds enters into the atmosphere and causes air pollution, especially when the gasoline tank is loading at a gas station.  Its negative environmental effects are demonstrated in greenhouse gases formation and in the production of ozone gas.  At the same time the cancerous effect of aromatic compounds on humans is medically established. So it is necessary to use ways to reduce the entrance of hydrocarbon compounds into the air. In this study, a vapor recovery unit will be designed in order to adsorb and recover 200 kilograms gasoline vapor per day, which will be installed at a gas station in Tehran.


Mega Project:

There are About 2000 gas stations in Iran. In average, gasoline tanks are loaded by trucks once or twice a day, depending on their daily sales. In the process of loading the tanks, considerable amounts of gasoline vapor enter into the air. Installing the vapor recovery unit can prevent entrance of gasoline vapor into the atmosphere and reduce air pollution. Simultaneously, we can recover the gasoline vapor and reduced waste.



Through this project, the Nanotechnology Research Center of R.I.P.I can attain the knowledge of design and installing the vapor recovery unit. Also, the center can synthesize the adsorbent and form it.


prevention of currency leave:

Currently, imported vapor recovery units are installed at a few gas stations. By substituting them with domestically produced  units on a large scale, we can prevent the outflow of about €120,000,000.                                                                                                     



By installing vapor recovery unit at the gas station, the following services can be offered:

·         The knowledge of installing the vapor recovery unit (adsorption-desorption process)

·         Basic design of the vapor recovery unit (adsorption-desorption process)

·         Making some equipment of the vapor recovery unit (adsorption-desorption process)

·         Solving problems of the vapor recovery unit (adsorption-desorption process)

Synthesis and forming the adsorbent


Economic justification:

The data obtained through this project show when a gasoline tank is loading by a truck at a gas station, 200 liters of gasoline vapor enter in the environment. By installing vapor recovery units at country`s gas stations we can prevent the entrance of gasoline vapor into the atmosphere by at least 480000 l/day.   It is notable that most of the gas stations have more than one gasoline tank and  loading them occurs more than once per day.


Contractor approval:

The project was performed by the financial support of the National Oil Products Distribution company. The plant design is approved by the client and the pilot will be installed and operational at a gas station in Tehran by September 2017.


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