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Application plans/ problem solving:

ParsiSol, is a novel technology for designing new solvents and replacing current solvents in natural gas sweetening refineries on the basis of ParsiSol solvent. The ParsiSol solvent is designed and formulated according to feed gas composition and specifications of demanded sweet gas. Basic design of the gas sweetening unit is performed on the basis of the designed ParsiSol solvent, feed gas conditions and desired capacity of the sweetening unit. Besides, qualitative and quantitative analysis of solvents that are currently in use gas sweetening plants and reclaiming of used amine solvents are the other applications of the ParsiSol technology, which results in increasing of efficiency and reduced operational costs (OPEX) of gas sweetening plants with increase in benefits.



The ParsiSol technology provides the best solutions for natural gas purification, solvent management and reclaiming of used solvents. The ParsiSol technology is the result of a series of comprehensive research and development activities and projects supported by the Research and Technology Department of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC). The projects started from fall 2007 and ended on spring 2012. This technology is comprised of three sections::

1- Developing of technology knowledge for design and formulation of novel amine-based solvents,

2- Developing a pilot plant (semi-industrial scale) for natural gas sweetening,

33- Reclaiming of used solvents of sour gas refineries.

The ParsiSol solvent have successfully tested in Masjed-Solaiman and Illam Gas Refineries. The results indicate that the ParsiSol technology can successfully be used in other gas treatment refineries and industries.


Prevention against outflow of currency:

All of the gas sweetening units in gas refineries and petrochemical industries use solvents from foreign licenses. About 6000 to 7000 tons of solvents have been annually importing into our country and as a result millions of dollars currency has been annually invested for this purpose. Localization and naturalization of knowledge of gas sweetening technologies will prevent outflow of currency from our country./span>


The ParsiSol technology has now been commercialized and it is able to deliver the following services to our industry:/span>

1- Design and formulation of ParsiSol solvent for removal of acidic gases and mercaptans from sour gas streams,

2- Measurement and modeling all thermo physical properties, acidic gases and mercaptans solubility/loading, kinetics of absorption, and corrosion rate at operational conditions, for solvents,

3- Design of gas sweetening units for gas refineries and petrochemical industries,

4- Simulation of gas sweetening processes on the basis of the ParsiSol solvent and other amine solvents,

5- Qualitative and quantitative analysis of common sweetening solvents,

6- Reclaiming of used amines by the ParsiSol technology.

Economic Justification:

Economy of the ParsiSol technology can be divided into three parts:/span>

Use of demotic technology will prevents payments for foreign technology license fee

2- Used solvent management: one of the achievements of the ParsiSol technology is naturalization/localization of methods of analysis of degradation products in used amine solvents. In this part, the number of laboratories able to perform full solvent analysis and characterization are scarce. This time all of the above-mentioned laboratory services are now delivered to the industry by the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) at a much lower cost  and time .

3- Reclaiming of used solvents: one of other economic aspects of the ParsiSol technology is development and naturalization of knowledge for reclaiming of used solvents of gas refineries. For instance, in one of South Pars refinery units about 300 m3 solvent, which contains approximately 135 m3 MDEA, is needed. With 85% recovery efficiency for the ParsiSol reclaiming process, about 115 m3 of MDEA solvent could potentially be recovered, which results in about 280000 saving for each sweetening unit.


Viewpoint of client:

Development of the ParsiSol technology in RIPI has been supported by the Research and Technology Department of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) as client. The benefits from selling the licence of the ParsiSol technology belong to both RIPI and NIGC. In addition, the client (NIGC) has supported the use of the ParsiSol solvent in Masjed-Soleiman and Ilam gas refineries. At the moment, NIGC is following the use of the ParsiSol solvent in Bidboland gas refinery as well; the relevant plant tests will start in the near future./span>


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