Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Application plans/ problem solving:

These Molecular sieves are widely used in oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical processes; for removal of moisture, mercaptane, CO2 and H2S. They also used for air and water treatment, separation of branched hydrocarbons from linear hydrocarbons and Para-xylene from mixed xylenes


Mega Project:

The annual use of these molecular sieves in oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries is more than 10000 tons.


In home production:

All raw materials such as sodium silicate, aluminum hydroxide and sodium hydroxide and most of the equipment needed for their production are available in Iran.


Prevention against outflow of currency:

Production of these molecular sieves will prevent large amount of currency to leave the country. 



The know-how package for commercialization is available for developer.


Economic Justificationn

Due to the availability of raw materials, equipment and their high use, their production is economically justifiable.


Contractor approval:

The plan was sponsored by RIPI and the product characteristics are comparable to commercial types.


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