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Software development of screening procedure for oil wells to be considered in well production enhancement methods
Integrated study of reservoir intervals in the Abadan Plain 
Integrated Studies and Master Development Plan of the Fields
Experimental Investigation of Asphaltene Precipitation Inhibition in the Sarvak and Fahliyan Formations of Yadavaran Oil Field
Proposal of suitable chemicals to improve injection waters regarding performance, compatibility and matrix diffusion in Yadavaran Field
Performance study of nano additive for reducing formation – drilling fluid Interaction, clay swilling, lubrication & friction reducing of drilling operation by pilot scale production in proposed wells condition

Small and medium size condensate refineries

Hydrodesulphurization of naphtha

Polymeric Additive in Water- Based Drilling Fluids for shale stabilization

“ISOMIR”: The Technology of C5/C6 Isomerization

Heavy crude oil refinery design with the purpose of bitumen production 

Design and Manufacture of Polymeric Products for Oil and Gas Well Instrumentation

Development of the Know-How and Technology of Electrostatic Desalters 

The design of sulfur recovery unit for Bidboland I gas refinery

Kimya National Plan

Experimental analysis and simulation of injection of hydrocarbon/non-hydrocarbon and water for improving the oil recovery factor and presenting proper pilot in Yadavaran oilfield

3D Petroleum System Modeling in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea [Pearl Program]

Provision of IOR/EOR Pilot Feasibility Study of Yadavaran Oilfield

Underground Natural Gas Storage Plan

Development of automation and process control systems for increased productivity

Synthesis of Acrylamide polymers  
Real time optimization For Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
Exploration and Evaluation of Shale Gas Resources in the Middle Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Sequences in the Lurestan Area

Development of technical knowledge of design and production of condensing boilers for mechanical room

Design, development and production of a micro CHP1 system by an internal combustion engine , a piston-cylinder type

EPAT Software

Investigation and control of corrosion in fire fighting system

Analysis of the corrosion costs in gas refineries and offering solution proposal Description 

Organization of atmospheric paint and coating systems for gas refineries

Monitoring and mitigation of microbiologically influenced corrosion in natural gas distribution pipelines

A comprehensive Atlas of environmental pollutions in Persian Gulf

Comprehensive planning and supply of national guidelines to control the microbial contamination in aviation fuel systems 

Offering operational approaches for microbial management of water injection systems in operational areas of Iranian offshore oil company

Development of know how for manufacturing of advanced water/wastewater treatment system

Industrial Green Island of Siri 

Bioproduction of xantan and its evaluation in diriling fluids

Development and application of of a Bioremediation technology for cleaning oil-contaminated soils



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