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Integrated study of reservoir intervals in the Abadan Plain



National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) – Consolidated Planning Management



The results can be sued in exploration, production and development of oil and gas fields located in the Abadan Plain. Therefore, two main producing and developing companies (Arvandan Oil and Gas Company and Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC)) and NIOC Exploration management are the end users.


Summary and objectives 

The reservoir studies through EOR and FDP projects on the giant HC reservoirs alike Azadegan, Yadavaran and Darquain and some exploration fields located in the Abadan Plain area necessitate that integrated geological reservoir studies be performed.

Field scale studies on this area and integrated studies on neighboring Iraqi oil fields showed that the Abadan Plain HC fields are different from oil and gas fields located in the Dezful Embayment from the sedimentological and structural point of views. Despite HC traps in the Dezful Embayment that are mainly simple anticline, they aren't merely structural in the Abadan Plain. Facies and stratigraphic variations along with the structural deformations construct stratigraphic and combination traps in this area. So this gives raise to the complexity of the reservoir and consequently that of exploration and production risks in the area.

The main here is the characterization and mapping of the geological and reservoir properties of the most important reservoir intervals i.e. Ilam, Sarvak, Fahlyian and Gadvan Formations. Investigation hydrodynamic behavior and reservoir continuity would be another important aim of the study.

To access the objectives multidisciplinary integrated study is essential that is composed of geological, geophysical, petrophysical, geochemical, reservoir and modeling evaluation and studies.



The reservoir complexity factors are identified in the main HC bearing intervals in this study. Also, facies distribution and hydrodynamic maps of the area are the complementary tasks for the future explorations and field development processes.



Determination of more accurate estimates of reservoir geometry and volume

Application of project results in EOR and field development process in the study area


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