Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Development of automation and process control systems for increased productivity

Currently the application of automation and control technology (e.g. Production accounting, real time optimization, online leak detection, abnormal event management and development of automation and control system for oil blending are examples of development of automation and process control systems)  in the oil industry is facing an increase. However, these technologies have not been used widely in Iran, sofar..



  1. Monitoring process equipment performance
  2. Condition monitoring and energy optimization
  3. Real time optimization
  4. Improvement of process control
  5. Instrument maintenance
  6. Fault detection



  1. Prevention of process risks and      increase profitability
  2. ٍEnhancing       process safety with predictive      maintenance
  3. Operation Improvement
  4. Decision management
  5. Increasing process stability
  6. Process and control system      monitoring
  7. Evaluation of process performance
  8. Evaluation of control system performance
  9. Fault detection and diagnosis


Economic information

  1. Implementation of real time optimization can increase profitability in downstream oil industries (130 million dollars per year).
  2.  Development of automation and control system for oil blending can increase profitability (2 dollars per barrel).
  3. Implementation of abnormal event management systems can decrease dangers and disasters. The operating cost can be reduced 20 billion dollars per year.   


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