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Development of  know how for manufacturing of advanced water/wastewater treatment system



Regarding to country climate condition and scarcity of available water, population growth and high growth rate of industries especially   oil/ gas and petrochemicals causes remarkable increase in country water demand. In order to combat with these difficulties, the necessity for developing  know how of advanced water/wastewater treatment systems for recovery and reuse in industries and agriculture is unavoidable.



Application of advanced water/wastewater treatment for meeting standards beyond existing Iran department of environment standards sets the advantage that treated effluent has a much higher quality, so cost of advanced systems for recovery/reuse is considerably lower and consequently we have a better environment.



Advanced Industrial/ sanitary wastewater treatment of RIPI and sanitary wastewater treatment of ministry of petroleum central office by MBR method introduces the successful applications for country's treatment system in future.

Advanced septic anaerobic treatment system for poor regions and portable treatment package of Rafsanjan and Esfahan for oil pipelines and communication pump stations are suitable examples. Portable treatment system for oil polluted spring water of Sarab Rajab village in Lorestan province in order to reuse of treated water in region agriculture was very effective and for solving biological and oil sludge of treatment facilities. Project of design / built of aerobic digester for Shazand petrochemical complex were successful executed cases. Oil polluted wastewater treatment system of Hasheminejad gas refining company is on the final stages of completion and designed for oil removal from wastewater of that refinery.

Study project for the application of membrane bioreactor/ reverse osmosis in pilot scale for increasing the capacity of existing system for Mobin petrochemical company wastewater treatment in Assaluyeh in order to produce high quality water for reuse in processes is another successful case for increasing the capacity of existing system in industries.  


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