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 Industrial Green Island of Siri



Industrial green island master plan, is based on NIOOC’s decision and the approval of the assistance committee of ministry of oil, to be performed in Siri island to lead to sustainable development, increased  economic productivity, protection of the Persian Gulf's unique ecosystem and as a model for other oil fields. RIPI was selected as the executive of master plan based on the knowledge integration institute in oil industry. In the first step a road map was prepared And consulting engineering companies, research groups inside and outside RIPI, universities, and research organizations were recognized based on their different disciplines. In the next step three urgent projects were started in cooperation with NIOOC, including "recovery of aggregated sludge in Siri island", "design and providing of tender documents of compost factory and "bioremediation of oil contaminated soil".

 Advantages This plan can result in integrated planning to yield sustainable development, optimization of resource usage, economic productivity, waste reduction, decline of energy dissipation, ecosystem protection and restoration and employee's satisfaction. A proper relationship among humans, industry and the environment can be achieved this way. The results could also be applied to other oil fields throughout the country.



  • Enhancement of economic productivity
  • Reduction of waste production and energy dissipation
  • Protection and development of ecosystem
  • Employee satisfactions


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