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Experimental Investigation of Asphaltene Precipitation Inhibition in the Sarvak and Fahliyan Formations of Yadavaran Oil Field



The complete analyses of fluid and core samples are performed and the effect of different parameters such as pressure, temperature and various gas injections are studied under static condition. Core flooding experiments are then performed and the severity of formation damage due to natural depletion and gas injection is determined and finally, the field is simulated in order to predict the formation of asphaltene deposition.



1. Conducting different experiments in order to characterize asphaltene precipitation and deposition and to determine the role of these parameters in different processes

2. Control and removal of the asphaltene deposition

3. Self sufficiency in manufacturing asphaltene dispersants

4. Prediction and determination of the effect of different parameters on the asphaltene deposition in the reservoir, well and surface facilities



1. Investigation of asphaltene precipitation and deposition under reservoir conditions and determination of the effect of different parameters on the natural depletion and gas injection processes

2. Asphaltene deposition control (inhibition, removal and reduction of precipitation severity)

3. Manufacturing polymer- based dispersants in order to inhibit the formation of asphaltene deposition

4. Developing software to predict asphaltene precipitation behavior under static conditions

5. Selecting the best production scenario for the reservoir by considering asphaltene precipitation and deposition



1. Protective production from reservoirs

2. Decrease in the production costs

3. Sustaining production from the oil and gas wells

4. Localizing the manufacture of chemicals used in petroleum industry

5. Achieving the technical knowledge for controlling the formation of asphaltene deposition



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