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Provision of IOR/EOR Pilot Feasibility Study of Yadavaran Oilfield



Yadavaran EOR Pilot project is a major step in moving to full implementation of EOR scenarios and tends to reduce the uncertainty and operating risks, helping to plan a way forward for the field-scale development.

The project begins with a screening process where as much reservoir data as possible are gathered and a coherent package is developed to be compared with the screening criteria for various EOR methods. After narrowing down the choices, the evaluation moves into the laboratory results to investigate rock and fluid properties, and to conduct flow studies. Then the available data are used to develop updated static and dynamic reservoir models, and to simulate the effects of different EOR methods in order to locate the best pilot areas and to choose the optimum ones.



The completion of this project facilitates and accelerates the full development of Yadavaran field and also reduces the study costs and operational risks of the full-field development. Given the fact that this oilfield is shared with a neighbor country, its appropriate and timely development is of great significance.






The main objectives include: Evaluating recovery efficiency and operating strategies to improve the economics and recovery, calibrating reservoir simulation models, assessing the effects of development options on the recovery and reducing technical and economic risks in production forecasts.



-       Calibration of reservoir simulation models

-       Determination of reservoir geological effects on the reservoir performance

-       Determination of potential operational risks for the full-field development


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