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Bench scale bioproduction of xantan and its evaluation in diriling fluids



Xanthan gum, a natural polysaccharide biopolymer, is produced by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris. According to reports of Iran's trade ministry, 70 tons of xanthan gum were imported during 2007. Xanthan has massive applications in different industries based on specific characteristics like high viscosity and specific rheology.



The xanthan biopolymer has many applications in different industries such as food, pharmacutic and petroleum industry based on unique rheological characteristic. Xanthan gum is greatly used in drilling fluid formulation and is also used as a viscosifier and gelatinous constancy in drilling fluid. The exceptional characteristics of the compound to suspend solid particles, is second to none as compared to other polymers at equal concentrations.



  • 6-litre scale production of xanthan by X. campestris
  • Optimization of the production of the biopolymer with different industrial substrates
  • Evaluation of produced xanthan chractristics in driling fluid formulation


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