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Integrated Studies and Master Development Plan of the Fields


A)    Integrated Study of Bangestan Reservoir in Ab-Teymur Field



National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC)



Integrated Study and Simulation of Ab-Teymur Field and Preparation of the field's master development plan


Project Description

In this master reservoir study project, structural, geological, petrophysical and geophysical properties of Ab-Teymur, a field including Ilam and Sarvak formations with over 15 billion barrels of oil reserve, is studied so that along with different sections of reservoir engineering studies, the simulation model and then the Master Development Plan (MDP) of the field is presented.



1. 20% increase in the in-place reserves of the reservoir??????

The reasons for the increase in the in-place in this study can be due to  the lower horizons of Sarvak formation (zone 8), the promotion of petrophysical parameters, the change of underground contour maps due to drilling new wells, 3-D geophysical survey and also the change of volume coefficient of the formation's oils.

2. Boosts in the reservoir production at least twice as much as before the study

            - The daily production before the master development plan: 46,000 bbl/d

            - The daily production after the master development plan: 110,000 bbl/d

3. Provision of different EOR scenarios for the reservoir

4. Use of the results by the client for fast increase of the production at least twice as much as the previous amount

5. Proposals and solution offers to the client for solving the field's technical problems:

            - Modifying the well tops of the reservoir using the results of RIPI's geological study

            - Modifying the petrophysical surveys using the results of RIPI's petrophysical and reservoir studies

            - The determination of field data insufficiencies and providing suggestions for data acquisition and laboratory testing plans


B)    Balal Master Development Plan



  Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)



Preparation of an independent Master Development Plan for Balal Field . Production Prediction scenario for the field, well planning and completion programming, conceptual design of surface facilities, preparation of economic evaluation and engineering procurement documents.



For the first time Iranian researchers are able to prepare the following:

-          Production Prediction scenarios and future field master development plan

-          Reservoir management

-          Drilling history and well production

-          New well and completion plans

-          Necessary wellhead equipment studies

-          Economic evaluation

-          Master development plan

Future production prediction, well planning, conceptual design of surface facilities and economic evaluations have been done parallel to the master development plan (MDP) study. Finally the engineering procurement document for the gas reservoir is prepared. During the study RIPI’s researchers have been trained by the experts from TEC, and now can act independently.



The results and experiences gained from this study are applicable to all fields, specially in the light of the fact that most Iranian reservoirs are depleted, and hence need EOR/IOR measures . Water/ gas injection, ESP pumps, and infill drilling scenarios are studied .


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