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Experimental analysis and simulation of injection of hydrocarbon/non-hydrocarbon and water for improving the oil recovery factor and presenting proper pilot in Yadavaran oilfield



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It is necessary for the proposed oilfield, which can be considered as a new field in its early stages of production, that the different scenarios for EOR (including gas/water injection) be experimentally analyzed, and simultaneously applied. Subsequently, such senarios should be tested in a pilot-scale under field tests, so that optimum oil production can be achieved from the oilfield while minimizing the risk.

In the first phase of the project, the experimental performance of different gases under miscible/immiscible conditions as well as water injection is analyzed in the candidate oilfield. Subsequently, the experimental results from previous project phases are used in the initial dynamic model of the reservoir. In the subsequent stage, an economic analysis of the injection scenarios will be made, and at the end, efforts will be made to assess the results obtained in previous phases against the results from pilot-scale from field tests, in order to determine the final amount of oil recovery.


Goals and Achievements

The goal here is to make experimental investigation and simulations to analyze the gas injection process of candidate hydrocarbon gases (including associated gases and the gas from South Pars oilfield), non-hydrocarbon gases (including CO2, and nitrogen), and water injection (including seawater, or river-water) into the main production layer of the reservoir in the candidate oilfield, and compare the oil recovery factors. The following goals can be achieved after completion of this study:

1)      Determination of the type of injection gas through understanding the interaction between oil and the injection gas

2)      Determination of effective thermodynamic parameters to maximize oil recovery in both miscible/immiscible states

3)      Analysis of the gas injection effects on reservoir rock for determination of maximum recovery coefficient in both miscible/immiscible states

4)      Field tests of finally-approved scenarios in pilot-scale



Usage of the results for increasing the productivity from the candidate reservoir and similar cases

Providing valuable results regarding gas/water injection or their simultaneous injection into oil reservoirs


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