Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Monitoring and mitigation of microbiologically influenced corrosion in natural gas distribution pipelines



Several factors can cause corrosion of metals and non-metals, among which microorganisms are one of the most important. Corrosion Induction by presence or activities of microorganisms is called microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). In this project, in order to monitor and mitigate MIC of natural gas pipelines, more than 50 soil samples were collected from different locations in Khuzestan province and physical, chemical as well as microbiological tests were performed on them.



Detection, monitoring and mitigation of MIC in natural gas distribution pipelines



- Determination of corrosion causing microorganisms in different parts of Khuzestan province

- Determination of the suitable cathodic protection potentials for reducing corrosion of buried pipelines

- Determination of appropriate microbial resistance coatings

- Providing operational procedures for detection, monitoring and mitigation of MIC in the buried natural gas distribution pipelines


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