Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Hydrodesulphurization of naphtha


Scope of work

One of the problems of big cities is on the problem of air pollution caused by sulfur and nitrogen containing gasoline. Given the immense resources available for the production of naphtha (feedstock to produce gasoline) and the subsequent necessity of its refining processes, it has been among RIPI’s prorityes to acquire the technology for hydrogen desulfurization of naphtha



Design, construction and installation of hydrodesulphurization unit of naphtha


Objectives and Achievements

Localizing the Iranian refineries to achieve national self-sufficiency and production of value-added Islamic national capital has always been one of the main objectives of the country's oil industry. The acquisition of technical knowledge and construction of hydrodesulfurization units in refineries can lead to high quality gasoline with minimal emissions.


Economics and Finance

30 million dollars of investment for a 15,000 barrel per day unit.


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