Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Heavy crude oil refinery design with the purpose of bitumen production


Major activities

  • Basic design of an extra heavy crude oil refinery
  • Optimum use of asphaltenic extra heavy crude oil
  • Creating added value and avoiding the sale of  crudes


Purposes and achievements

  • Production of extra light crude oil with API=43, and the   making it possible to sell heavy crude oils with the produced light crude oil
  • Providing the opportunity for private sector investment
  • Improvingthe quality of the produced bitumen and asphalten
  • Acquiring a market share in the regional and global bitumen market


Financial and economics

  • Providing the net profit of approximately 3-5 dollars per each barrel of asphaltenic crude oil
  • Lower investment in comparison with an ordinary refinery plant (approximately 2000-3000 dollars per barrel)
  • Ease of implementation (no need for advanced technologies)
  • Term of investment return of less than 2 years
  • Speed of implementation (due to small numbers of equipments and the simplicity  of process)  


The estimate of total credit: twenty billion Rials

Project duration: 24 months


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