Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Comprehensive planning and supply of national guidelines to control the microbial contamination in aviation fuel systems



Oil and its derivatives  constitute an appropriate environment for the growth of microorganisms. One of the main concerns of experts and managers of oil industry is the presence and activity of these organisms in the production, distribution and storage systems, especially in aviation fuels. Also, strict regional and international commitments emphasize the delivery of clean fuel in the the international air transport association (IATA) member states.

For over two decades, the research institute of petroleum industry (RIPI) has had an important role in monitoring, providing instruction and cleaning operations of tanks in refineries, storage depots and transfer pipelines and is hence capable to  run national comprehensive management plans to control microbial contamination of the aviation fuel systems.



Microbial management of aviation fuel systems, including refineries, airports, warehouses, distribution and refueling units



Preparation of an atlas  and specification of microbial contaminations in fuel storage and transfer systems

Preparation of national standards and guidelines for the implementation of pollution control and cleaning the aviation fuel systems


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