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Analysis of the corrosion costs in gas refineries and offering solution proposal Description

 To this end all documents, directly or indirectly related to the corrosion reduction activities are collected from all units that are actively dealing with the corrosion failures. The expenses are allocated for the principal equipments and other peripheral equipments are considered by the refinery experts. In addition, a software, capable evaluating and economically analyzing the direct and indirect corrosion costs, is developed.



Estimation and prediction of corrosion costs in oil and gas refineries, and finding a solution to reduce such costs and also determine the their effect on the economy of the refineries, the managers will have the ability to make better decisions and take better and more precise actions against this destructive phenomenon and in this regard.



The direct expenses of corrosion control in operation and maintenance sections of a gas refinery are studied and evaluated for a five-year period between . In addition, the indirect corrosion costs in the same time period, which include that of all corrosion-related overhauls are estimated. Finally, the Corrosion Cost Analysis Software, which can estimate and evaluate the direct and indirect corrosion costs is developed and elaborated.


Economic and Financial

Using the results of this project and the proposal provided for reducing the corrosion costs, the corrosion costs in the industries may be decreased by 10 to 40 percents.


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