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Polymeric Additive in Water- Based Drilling Fluids for shale stabilization



 Drilling in shale and marl formations has always been one of the most problematic and challenging operations in the drilling industry, and has hence attracted a lot of  research interest recently. Although the use of oil-based mud can alleviate the shale sloughing problem, environmental and economic concerns have forced oil companies to replace oil-based muds with water- based substitutes. However, the exposure of shale layers to water can cause shale swelling and hydration, and consequently reduce the rate of penetration (ROP), as a result of which stuck pipe and dramatic decrease in drilling efficiency can be observed.

On the other hand, fabrication and application of appropriate polymeric additives in water- based drilling mud can prevent all this and further lead to environmental advantages due to the elimination of gasoil from the drilling fluid.



As mentioned, water- based drilling muds are applied in water sensitive shale formation


Purpose and Achievement

Production of polymeric additives applied in water-based drilling fluids to prevent shale sloughing


Economical Merits

The polymeric additives are formulated based on domestic raw materials. Due to the used of blending methods, there is no need for expensive and huge equipments for their production. Using polymeric water- based drilling fluids can cut the capital expenses down to half.  


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