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Organization of atmospheric paint and coating systems for gas refineries


Brief description

Industrial coatings are the most common and the easiest methods for atmospheric corrosion prevention and protection. Paints for industrial application should have more than 10 years of lifetime. Uunfortunately, coatings of various industrial gas refineries indicate early damage, even in young refineries in the country. Obviously, many factors are involved in causing these problems.

In this project, modification of the methods for selection, quality control of paints, ranking of contractors and interior paint manufactures is performed.



 The results will leed to the organization of atmospheric paint and coating systems at gas refineries.


Qualitative Achievements

- Determining the status of the atmospheric surfaces coating systems at the critical train in the gas refineries.

- Determining  the  causes of early damages at junctions and recommending appropriate solutions

-  Classification of refineries environmental pollution and corrosion conditions based on ISO standards

-  Feasibility study of the establishment of new methods of surface preparation refineries

-  Selection of suitable paints and coating systems with a minimum service life of 10 years

-  Study of surface preparation and paint application according to specific conditions and operating at gas refineries

-  Preparation of guidelines relating to operations, painting, testing, inspection, repair and maintenance

-  Determination of  the environmental factors affecting atmospheric corrosion

-  Determination of  the annual corrosion rate in selected gas refineries

-  Deriving the atmospheric corrosion map in gas refineries

-  Ranking of contractors of surface preparation and paint producers  


Economic and Financial

-  Increase in the lifetime of paints and coatings systems in industry environments.

-  Decreasing of the overhaul periods and reduction of environmental pollution


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