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Investigation and control of corrosion in fire fighting system


Brief description 

Corrosion and Scaling in fire fighting systems are two important industrial challenges, leading to operational costs due to systems and pipelines failures, inspections and mitigation strategies, unplanned shutdowns and production reduction. Proper selection of the pipe material , joints and fittings as well as maintenance measures have a great role in this regard and in rather less common systems, less attention is pied to material selection requirements, maintenance  measures, and inspection plans in prevention of failures. These, as well as water stagnation condition, make the failures to occur catastrophically.

Accordingly four fire fighting systems with different water chemistry conditions have been investigated, and the results showed that microbial and chemical corrosion occurred in fire fighting systems. Therefore various corrosion inhibitors and biocides were studied in these systems.



The results can be useful in all industries having fire fighting systems with similar water conditions such as oil and gas refineries, petrochemical industries or even other plants.


Economic and Financial

Provision of a successful method for corrosion mitigation in fire fighting systems and introduction of a proper corrosion inhibitor formulation for

fire fighting systems will increase the life cycle of the equipment. The economic aspect is the reduction of overall costs due to decrease repairs and shutdowns.  


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