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Performance study of nano additive for reducing formation – drilling fluid Interaction, clay swilling, lubrication & friction reducing of drilling operation by pilot scale production in proposed wells condition



National Iranian South Oil Company(NISOC)



Drilling fluid- different layer (especially shale formations ) interaction(water adsorption, osmotic swelling and cation exchange)  in  hydrocarbon reservoirs caused  major problems, such as  well bore instability, bit balling ,  sticking drill strings , are the largest source of trouble, waste of time and over costs during drilling . In this project, the performance of nano additives on reducing formation – drilling fluid interactions, clay swilling, lubrication & friction reducing of drilling operation are investigated; also pilot scale of nano additive in wells condition will be produced.



1. Drilling industry, EOR, Nano Additives Manufacturing

2. Formation Damage Reducing, Prevent Pipe Sticking and Wellbore Instability

3. Nano Additive Development in Drilling Fluid



1.Evaluation and feasibility study on nano additives

2. Study on pilot manufacturing and performance of nano additives

3. Study of nano additives performance on wellbore stability and prevention of water invasion in sensitive shale layers

4. Development of technology for the production of novel environmental friendly nano drilling fluid for decreasing formation damage and increasing lubricity.



1. Development of the technology of the production of the proposed nano additives 

2. Decreasing the time and costs of drillind

3. Feasibility of the infrastructures of the production of the nano additives for drilling fluids 


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