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Design, development and production of a micro CHP1 system by an internal combustion engine , a piston-cylinder type



Cogeneration of electricity and heat is the production of electricity along with usable thermal energy which can be used in heating, cooling, or asa single energy source2.Because of the overall thermal efficiency increase, quality and reliability; enhancement of electric generator-heat is used in many residential and industrial units. Therefore, applying the cogeneration technology (cooling, heating and power) at small commercial and residential buildings is dependent  on the environmental conditions and geographic options could have a significant market potential  for such systems. The main driving force for this technology is an internal combustion engine capable of operating with city gas (CNG base). Internal combustion engines used in the product will be selected by the manufacturer or provider and the heat recovery system will be designed or selected based on the engine.



  • Design, development and production of an electricity and heat co-generation system (Micro CHP) for residential and commercial use



  • Acquisition of the technical knowledge, design and production systems to produce electricity and heat simultaneously
  • Acquisition of  the Micro CHP technology
  • Reduction in  fuel consumption and air polluting emissions

[1] Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

[2] Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP)


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