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EPAT is the upgraded version of RIPI’s RPA software which is capable of evaluating the performance of industrial equipments, such as steam generators, steam and gas turbines, fans, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, along with some industrial cycle such as steam and compressed air cycles. The software uses the most prestigious and most comprehensive testing standards. Another setion of the software is related to reviewing the application scenarios to improve the efficiency and reduce waste. EPAT can be used in all engineering calculations related to audit of energy (heat and mass balance) and also performance estimation of equipment and utility cycles.



  • Engineering calculations related to energy audit (heat and mass balance) and evaluation of equipment performance and utility cycles
  • Balancing steam cycle



  • Determining the efficiency and calculating the energy dissipation in the major energy consuming equipments
  • Providing solutions to increase the energy efficiency of equipments
  • Providing the calculations required for enhancing energy management and audit


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