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Development of technical knowledge of design and production of condensing boilers for mechanical room



A major part of the energy consumption of buildings is due to the mechanical room (boiler and burner). Energy loss in the mechanical room is high mainly due to the old technologies of the equipments (boilers and burners, etc), and improper maintenance of systems used. The research has shown that to optimize energy consumption; the system should be evaluated as a whole and the mechanical room should be updated using advanced technologies. Now, there is a common belief that the boiler is the best choice for this purpose and many boiler and burner manufacturers in the world have been noticed to that.



  • Design, and production of condensing boilers up to of 400 kW with the engineering and inner production
  • Standard compilation of the condensing boiler
  • Design and construction of condensing boiler test-benches up to 400 kW



  • Development of the technical knowledge of condensing boilers
  •  Acquisition of the technology of condensing boilers
  • Use of high-efficiency equipment for power supply in the residential and commercial sectors with the aim of energy management
  • Reducing fuel consumption of the mechanical room (the most used building sub-sector consumption) and reducing the resulting air pollution and emissions


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