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Offering operational approaches for microbial management of water injection systems in operational areas of Iranian offshore oil company



Depending on the source of water (sea water, produced water,…), the quality of the injection water is different. All waters, however, contain high or low amounts of microorganisms, particularly bacteria. Growth and activity of microorganisms in the injection water systems causes several problems, including disruption of the homogeneity of the injection water with formation water, increasing  the  fouling and corrosion as well as creating problems in the facilities and production wells. The project aims at determination of the most appropriate method in order to of microbial quality control management for injection water in oil fields of Iranian Offshore Oil Company. In addition, corrosion monitoring, pilot and laboratory studies of biocides and other chemicals used in the operational conditions as well as compatibility with formation water at laboratory and reservoir temperature and pressure conditions are checked in addition to the set up of a microbiology lab setup and personnel training.



Operational strategy for reducing problems due to microbial activity



-  Reduction of the problems associated with corrosion and biological fouling in water injection systems of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company

-  Optimization of chemicals use

-  Personal training and providing relevant requirement guidelines for staff in this areas  


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