Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Design and Manufacture of Polymeric Products for Oil and Gas Well Instrumentation



Polymers, due to their specific and unique properties, are widely used in oil and gas well instrumentation used for sealing and preventing fluids contamination. These polymers, which are used during oil and gas well drilling  , cementing , completion  and fluid production, needs to be properly designed.



The polymers are used in oil and gas well drilling instrumentation as Packings, , Seals, Strippers, Plugs, Wipers , O-rings etc.



- Developing the know-how of design and manufacturing of polymeric products currently imported from foreign countries

- Improving the quality of RIPI’s home-made products

- Preparation of specification sheets for all high-tech polymeric products used in oil well drilling


Economic aspects

Formulation and manufacturing of polymeric products for oil and gas well drilling instrumentation, the production know-how of which belongs to large oil companies ,besides preventing leakage risks and the related costs saves a lot and also can open new horizons for researchers and manufacturing companies.


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