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Faculty of Research and Development in Upstream Petroleum Industry (FRDUPI) traces its roots back to 1959, when “NIOC Research & Development Office” was founded. It started under the name "Petroleum Engineering Laboratories", and later evolved to its current standing.

FRDUPI is an essential pillar of Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI). It puts forward a wide spectrum of methods and tools for integrated operations  of upstream petroleum activities. At present, FRDUPI is comprised of three independent research divisions: "Geosciences

Division", "Petroleum Engineering Division" and "Reservoir Studies and Field Development Division". Apart from the three mentioned divisions, FRDUPI  has also organized a "Center for Upstream Software Development".

Although FRDUPI is made up of independent research divisions, its main focus is to promote collaborative, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary projects in order to cultivate synergy within the organization. Project management services for these types of projects are typically performed by teams that are not an integral part of any specific division.

FRDUPI's primary goal is to deploy technological solutions that address

emergent and enduring operational and environmental issues/requirements and to find innovative solutions to operational problems. To achieve its

objectives, the Faculty engages in fundamental and applied research, full field and other comprehensive studies, and provides laboratory services. The Faculty achieves its primary goal tapping on its competent, creative, and knowledgeable technical and managerial professionals, and by investing in state-of-the-art

modern and advanced laboratory facilities as well as by fostering a spirit of teamwork.

In order to advance the frontiers of current technologies, to maximize its

current capabilities, and to commercialize high-quality prototypes and pilots,

FRDUPI  collaborates with  value- added scientific, technology and research networks comprised of renowned universities, established and reputable research institutions, leading science-based companies, and prominent individuals inside or outside Iran.

Having reviewed current problematic issues - with an eye to anticipate future technological needs - FRDUPI has developed a road-map and a technology foresight and strategy to achieve its long-term goals and objectives. It involves methods and tools for integrated operations  of upstream petroleum activities that will bring substantial progress and revitalize the technologies and practice in the industry.

The added value of FRDUPI’s activities is seen in additional commercial finds of oil and gas, increased recovery rates, reduced costs, longer life for petroleum fields, and reduced environmental loads.

The following areas are of particular interest and are high-lighted within the road-map:

In Exploration;

Development of unconventional resources such as tight oil and gas formations, shale gas, heavy oil, oil shale, and gas hydrates;

Petroleum Systems and Basin Modeling;

Development of technologies related to fractured carbonate reservoirs

In Production and Field Development;

Using and customizing new technologies and developing in-house new technologies   for reservoir management (i.e. intelligent reservoir);

Using new technologies and developing in-house new technologies   for Improved Oil recovery (IOR) customized to Iranian reservoir conditions;

Using and customizing new technologies and developing in-house new technologies for  drilling;

Developing methods to overcome production problems such as precipitation of wax and asphaltene deposits, sand production, casing collapse, etc;

Increase in production, as a complementary approach to IOR, with special emphasize on well oriented methods.

And Generally;

Software development for upstream industry customized for Iranian reservoir conditions;

Underground natural Gas Storage (UGS);

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Our Main Mission is

To produce one more drop of oil by using technological innovation for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Faculty of Research and Development in Downstream Petroleum Industry


This faculty is a dynamic and sophisticated research and development center, which plays a major part in development and transfer of know-how's in petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries and achievement of the highest value, wealth and knowledge based economic growth


Development of know-how's for petroleum downstream, subterranean and other industries

Consultation regarding optimizations and debottlenecking in industries, preferably the petroleum industry

Offering Scientific and laboratory services


Establishment of a center for development of know-how's in petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries

Development of economically oriented know-how's


The main approach of the center is directing research projects toward development of know-how's of major priority for petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries using scientific potentials of national and international research and academic centers as its partners


Simultaneous attention to

Scientific potentials of RIPI

Cooperation with other national and international research and consultation organizations

Allocating 10-20% of the available sources to academic research

Allocating 80-90% of the available sources to applied and developmental research

Publications of papers and preparation of other sources of information

The Faculty of Research and Development of Energy and Environment

consisting of three Research Divisions (i.e. Environment and Biotechnology, Industrial Protection, and EnergyTechnologies) and a Research Group (i.e. Analytical Chemistry), conductsnumerous R&D plans in order to develop the know-how andtechnologies required by Iran's oil industry

Furthermore, it has the mission of offeringtroubleshooting services to the domestic oil industry in the fields ofEnergy, Industrial protection and Environment, since its establishmentin 1959 it has offered a great deal of research, troubleshooting andlaboratory services. In the past two decades and in line with RIPI's neworientation and mission to develop the oil-industry-relatedtechnologies, other fields (i.e. basic, applied and industrial research) were added to FRDEE's working portfolio

To develop its internal capacity withrespect to specialized human resources and advanced equipment, FRDEEfollows the strategy of creating research networks involvinguniversities, research institutes and science based corporations inorder to utilize the maximum domestic capacity for the benefit of Iran'soil industry

At present, FRDEE's main fields of activity are as follows:

Environment and Biotechnology

Bioremediation and biotechnological methods for decontamination of oil-polluted soils

Bioconversion of petroleum into value-added products

Upgrading petroleum fractions through enzymatic processes

Evaluation of the cumulative environmental effects of industrial development of plants

Development and revivification of ecosystems near industrial and urban areas

Pollutant modeling and immigration simulation for different environments

Design, construction and startup of advanced water and wastewater treatment systems such as DAF, SBR, MBR and CPI

Waste management, minimization, control and recycling of solid waste to compost

Development of novel technologies for the evaluation, modeling and control of pollutants in industrial areas

Bioassay, environmental evaluation and management of industrial chemicals and effluents

Industrial Protection

Design and implementation of corrosion monitoring systems

Fracture analysis of industrial equipment

Formulation of biocides, corrosion inhibitors, anti-scale materials for cooling towers

Design and monitoring of cathodic protection systems

Scientific and Laboratory services

Atmospheric corrosion

Developing of methods for evaluation of coatings

Energy Technologies

Optimization of energy consumption in process and equipments

Application of new and renewable energies

Design and development of applicable software for optimization of energy consumption

Fuel and combustion research

Potential assessment and registration of clean development mechanisms

Water & Steam management in oil industry

Application of nanotechnology for reduction of energy consumption

Analytical Chemistry

Laboratory services: Zetasizing, SEM, AAS, ICP, GC/MS, XRF (WDX, EDX) XRD, GC/SIMDIS

Gas chromatography

Standard tests on crude oil, petroleum products

Development of new analytical methods

Consultancy Services


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