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Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

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Research Institute of petroleum industry because of the dynamic growth in the region and international as creative technology and Research Center, the research center of the Ministry of oil.

Iran's oil industry as the world's energy hub, requires efficient and modern communication at the international level and also at the Institute for communications as part of a massive structure of Iran's oil industry in its share of the industry's image in the world of promotion and effective.

Safeguarding and promoting the contacts with the research mission of the image is the main field is communication, so in February year 1392 strategic transformation with the name public relations began to change communication.

Scope of communication, based on oil Ministry's strategy and structure of the directive that the audience-driven, with a focus on the production of communications products transition effects.

Subsets include: communications, public relations, information and publishing innovative, international communication, communication, communication and Cultural Affairs sta







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